Easily Teach Students at Home or in School

Students can download assignments, link to a video or flipped class, and take quizzes on a phone or PC. Each student’s missed questions enter a personal Missed Question Bank to be corrected and mastered ensuring knowledge gaps are eliminated.


Helping Teachers Teach

Any Subject

  • Have students learn and take quizzes from home or school.
  • Create quizzes for your students to take on a PC or phone.
  • Copy and modify your quizzes into new courses or sections.
  • Easily combine your quizzes into a comprehensive exam.
  • Share quizzes and collaborate with teachers anywhere.

Add Resources

    • Upload lessons, presentations, and other materials for students.
    • Add a link for students to watch or read before a quiz.
    • Add links to a video or flipped classroom presentation.
    • Add images to your quizzes, and shuffle questions and answers.
    • Add a text or audio rationale to explain answer choices.

Get Reports

  • Have a gradebook with a link to see any student’s exam.
  • Find which questions are most often missed by the class.
  • Determine which students are struggling with quizzes.
  • Monitor a student’s progress in the Missed Question Bank.
  • Keep a record of the total number of mastered questions.
What Makes QuizTeach Different?

Missed Question Bank

With QuizTeach, every missed question stays in a student’s personal Missed Question Bank until answered correctly

Students can relearn material from any missed question by clicking on the link to the original quiz and lesson.

When used as a bell ringer, each student works productively to fill in their specific knowledge gaps.

The Missed Question Bank changes as new knowledge gaps enter and newly mastered concepts leave. The student (and you) can monitor mastery progress.